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Registration will be open worldwide from January 15th, 2023, until February 15, 2023. 

All entries should be submitted via the registration form. All fields marked with a (*) are mandatory.  

Joseph Cartron and its distributors worldwide will have the right and license to use, adapt, reproduce, and publish any recipe submitted online and related images without being entitled to any compensation. Similarly, any photos or videos of the bartenders taken during the competition could be used, published, and reproduced.


The competition is open only to professional bartenders of legal consumption age, currently residing and working at a bar in the country from which they register.  

Participants should be able to speak English and/or French in order to make their presentation to the international judging panel at the global final in Burgundy.  

Participants should make sure to be available for the duration of the world final trip. 


The recipe should be an original and personal creation. 

Each competitor must use a Joseph Cartron product as the primary spirit in the cocktail. Other spirits should be used as modifiers, creating an “Unexpected” reversal in the template of a traditional cocktail. You must also incorporate an “Unexpected” element into your cocktail and/or presentation. This can be inside the glass or out, part of your presentation, or part of your cocktail – whatever interpretation you wish, but make sure you explain what it is and why. The rest is up to you!  

Cocktail Recipe Specifications: 

  • The entire recipe must be expressed in exact measurements or number of drops used.  

  • Cocktail preparation techniques must be clearly indicated. 

  • Cocktail photo is mandatory.  

Cocktail Video Submission: 

  • A video submission is mandatory.  

  • This video should be no longer than five minutes and should showcase the preparation of your cocktail.  

  • Keep in mind, this video is in lieu of an in-person cocktail presentation and will be judged as the presentation portion and 30% of your score.  

  • Feel free to take creative liberty with editing, sound, costume, theme, angle of shot, etc. Use the video submission method to your creative advantage and remember, this competition is all about the untraditional and unexpected!  

  • Please film vertically (as you would IG reels or TikTok).  


Submissions will be evaluated based on the following criteria: 

  • Perceived taste and balance (20%) 

  • Ability to highlight and showcase Joseph Cartron in cocktail (10%) 

  •  “Unexpected” element (20%) 

  • Creativity and originality (10%) 

  • Presentation and storytelling (30%) 

  • Social Media campaign (10%) 

Social media campaign will consist of a weighted point system measured by each post (static and video, IG and Tiktok) using the #UnexpectedInBurgundy hashtag.  

Once the submission period has ended, an esteemed panel of judges will evaluate and score the submissions and a winner will be announced on March 15th.  

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